Date & Time Today is Monday thAmerica/Los_Angeles 22nd of October 2018

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George Glass Sr.
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A Good Soldier Play
A Miracle Before and After Completion Play
A Willing Heart and Mind Play
Allowed By God Play
An Unwritten Precept Play
Apostolic Missionary with A Made Up Mind Play
God Is Never Behind Play
God Is With You Play
Gods Only Purchase - Track 2 Defective Play
Gods Time Scale 1-14-90 Play
Gods Time Scale 10-31-89 Play
Great Integrity Play
I Am A Debtor Play
Jealous for God Play
Jesus On The Jericho Road Play
Kept By The Love of God Play
Learn to Do Well Play
Life On Gods Order Play
Little Things Play
The Four Brothers Play
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In Him, by Him, Through Him
Principle Driven
Missionary Dan Barkley